Welcome! Benvenuto!

We're passionate Aussies living in Italy. Our focus is working with Australians in Italy and local Italian communities creating cultural bridges between our two countries.

Our Australian Cultural Centre has been established to provide support for Australians in Italy and local Italian Communities by creating and developing projects and programs between Australia and Italy.

Italy has so much rich history, language, artisans, art, music & more that we as Australians can learn from.  Australia has it's passion, youth, motivation, inspiration and entrepreneurship that we can share and bring to Italy and Italians.

Our aim is to create programs and projects that offer long-term value propositions to both of our countries.  Building and strengthening cultural bridges to bring our worlds closer together, making it easier to connect.
Sharing our knowledge, experience and passion and continuing to cement our already strong cultural ties.

You can see more details of some of our successful projects on our projects page.

If you're an Aussie in Italy or in Australia wanting to come to Italy, or an Italian wanting to make connections in Australia please get in contact.