Month: July 2015

Month: July 2015

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ADP Facebook HeaderThis is a project that we created to support our local Dance Teacher, Gioia Tarulli, when she travelled to Australia in 2014.

Wanting to visit Australia but not able to take more than a couple of months holiday from her work as a Dancer, Dance Teacher and Choreographer, Gioia came to us wanting to do more than just holiday in Australia.

We worked with her to create the Australian Dance Project, an organisation created to support the exchange of Italian and Australian Dancers and provide opportunities for improving the Italian Dancers English skills at the same time.

Our first project is the creation of a 4 week intensive dance & English program to be held in Sydney and Melbourne.  Partnering with RMIT English Worldwide we have developed a unique intensive English language program aimed to provide dance & entertainment industry specific vocabulary, grammar and use.

We’ve also formed a partnership with Paul Malek and Transit Dance and are currently working on ways to link our two organisations and develop skill exchange opportunities for Dancers, Dance Teachers and Choreographers.

Our second project is currently underway where we are promoting a number of 2016 Australian Full-Time Dance Courses for various Australian Dance Schools and Companies.

You can find more information about our programs and keep up to date at our website:



Month: July 2015

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Tesori de Truria has written a beautiful article in Italian about the Kangaroos Visit currently being hosted at Parco dei Cimini in the Tuscia area of Alto Lazio.

You can see the full Italian version here.

And we've done an English translation below.

If you enjoy the article and our Kangaroos Visit exhibition, please share this article and let us know what you think!

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