Mara Band!

A4 Mara Poster in EnglishMara & Llew Kiek, artistic & musical
directors of Australia’s leading world / jazz ensemble Mara! & Martenitsa Choir, contacted us in 2012 searching for assistance for their 2013 European Tour.  They needed someone in Italy to find opportunities for them to perform in Italy.  We began searching for as many festivals, sagras and events around Italy that may want to host the performance, however Italy was in the midst of economic and political turmoil and most cities and provinces had no funding available to bring performers to their events.

As a result the plans to bring the band and choir to Italy were cancelled 🙁

Fast forward 3 years and finally they’re here!!  Earlier this year we managed to secure a performance at the 2015 Tuscia Opera Festival and on Sunday, 26th July, Mara Band, the Martenitsa Choir and our very own Soriano nel Cimino Choir will be performing the European Premiere of ‘Tra Parole e Silenzio’!

An extremely exciting collaboration that embodies our mission and will lay the foundation for future opportunities both here in Italy and next year in Australia.

We’ll be doing a few updates and posting some photos of the weeks rehearsals and preparations leading up to the big event this Sunday on our Facebook page.  Please like, share and connect with us and let us know what you think of this project and if you’ve got any other ideas for similar collaborations 🙂